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if the phantom of the opera has taught me anything it’s that if all else fails you set the place on fire and cry

That’s the same lesson I learned from Interview with the Vampire.

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You Know You’ve Been In Fandom Too Long When…


…the local classical station enthusiastically advises you to experience “Soundings” at a sculpture museum and your first reactions are confusion and mild alarm.

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"We should see color. We should see religion. We should see homosexuality. We should see gender identity. We should see all the things that make people and the world different and not pretend that we are colorblind or that one story is enough to represent a whole group of people.

But we should also remember that most people have the same kinds of feelings and wants. Everyone wants to be the hero sometimes."

Author Sara Farizan, “Everyone Wants To Be the Hero Sometimes” (CBC Diversity)

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In which Martin is an A class player with mad game


and Ben is a fucking nerd as usual


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so this is a thing

a bunch of moms are making letters+audio recordings of affirming, validating letters to queer/trans* people who don’t get that kind of support from their moms

i would say more about it but

im kind of busy in this puddle of tears on the floor so

In case any of my followers don’t have this kind of support from home…

my mom did this and if you need an honourary mother i promise she would be happy to talk to you

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