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sirius i never understood why you act so guilty like why couldn’t you say “nah im just here to kill the rat” instead of “only one will die tonight”

I think people just haven’t completely grasped the concept that Sirius Black is the biggest drama queen of all time

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see if you can come up for one for Hogwarts?

They are called the Hugwarts pals and you can preorder one here <3

I am actually in the process of developing a school crest of sorts!
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You know, you’d think Barty Jr would have had enough forethought to brew a lot of the polyjuice potion.

He keeps looking for more and he has none. 

I mean, is there an expiration date on that potion? I don’t remember reading about that.

Well, when you consider he needed ~8oz of it (roughly the amount the big 3 seem to have consumed in CoS) ~16-20 times every day (every hour he would be awake and wearing clothes that would otherwise not fit) over the course of a 9-month school year, that comes out to be [insert math here] over 300 gallons of a potion that, as we recall, takes an entire month to brew using ingredients that are obscure enough that they were noticed missing even in smaller amounts, it’s not surprising that he brewed it as he went and was often in danger of running out.

I love this fandom.

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